Friday, November 7, 2014

The Three Little Pigs...

I'm all in favour of medical advances, but must admit that all the efforts at CURES for this, that and the other degenerative diseases seem a bit bass-ackwards to me.   That's putting more and more ambulances at the bottom of the cliffs instead of building fences at the top. 

Better, surely, to PREVENT cancers (and all the other degenerative diseases) as best you can, with optimal supplementation to ensure that your body's cells have the right type, balance and levels of the vitamins, minerals and cofactors they need to do their job as well as possible. 

If your body needs to make more cells (and so needs some fats for building permeable cell walls), it will darn well build them out of whatever fats YOU have made available to it.  And if those fats are crappy (pardon my French) saturated fats or trans fats, that's what it will use.  BUT those cells can't possibly function at optimal levels because those FATS are not very good building blocks.  They won't be as permeable as they should be, and so there will be less "good stuff" getting into those cells and less "bad stuff" being removed from them.

Like the houses of the three little pigs, those cells ("houses") will be easily damaged ("blown down") by oxidation ("the big, bad wolf") and you'll end up with degeneration...  

It's simple, really.

My two-cents' worth for the day...

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